Invisalign Vs Fixed Braces

Which dental treatment is best suited to you?

With constant innovations being made within the dental industry, there is a such wide choice of treatment options that sometimes we can be left feeling slightly unsure as to what the next step should be.


Fixed Braces


  • Clear aligners that can be taken in
    and out
  • Must be removed whilst eating
  • Made from a flexible plastic
  • Visibly glued to your teeth
  • Cannot be removed
  • Made from translucent materials to help make them more discreet


  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Straightens your teeth
  • Successfully treats overcrowding,
    irregular or wide-spaced teeth, crossbite, underbite and overbite and a range of other dental issues
  • Can cause discomfort to your gums, cheeks, and lips
  • Straightens your teeth
  • More effective in treating complex
    orthodontic issues such as, significant overcrowding, underbites or overbites, and misaligned jaws along with a range of other dental

Time and Money

  • Need to be worn 22 – 24 hours a
  • Treatment time is shorter – can be as quick as 3 months
  • Treatment cost starts at £3,500
  • Attached to your teeth permanently until your treatment is over
  • On average treatment time is 16 –
    18 months
  • Costs start at £2,000


  • Less appointments
  • You can still brush and floss your teeth as normal
  • Your aligners need to be brushed gently with a soft bristle toothbrush under cold water
  • To track your progress, you will need to visit your dentist at least once every 6 weeks
  • More difficult to keep clean, therefore requiring frequent hygienist and dental appointments
  • Small brushes can be given to help you get in-between your teeth
  • You may need to use small pieces of dental wax to stop your braces from irritating your mouth
Both Invisalign and fixed braces clearly have benefits, so it’s important to choose what works best for you.

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